1) What is the best time to use Cialis if I want get the best result?
As you already know, the effect lasts for 36 hours. It means that it is almost two days. To make Cialis effect end at the finish of your second day, the best time to take it will be in after first’s day dinner. It will help you to get the best time and feel pleasure as long as it possible.

2) What do I suppose to do if I already took a half of a pill and forgot about next day dosage?
As we can understand, you are talking about daily use. We recommend to keep taking your dosages day by the day, but if there was a mistake, there is nothing criminal. Just keep taking your dosages at the same time and soon active element’s concentration will be the norm.

3) Is it possible to take double dosage if I want to feel new emotions?
No. It could be dangerous. If we talking about 5 mg, it is could be safe, but if your normal dosage is 20 mg and you want to get 20 mg plus, you should know that such a huge number of active element in your blood could make you feel sick.

4) Is it true that Cialis has no side effects?
Every pill has its side effects, but in comparison with another inhibitor, Cialis is a real champion. This pill is the last discover in this area and it means that producing company had enough experience to avoid last year’s mistakes, but some of the side effects are still alive.

5) I took a pill one hour ago and still no result. Does it mean that it has no effect in my situation?
You should analyze circumstances. First, what was your meal and for how long it was before you took a pill? Sometimes after oily food, your stomach could be covered and it makes absorption slower. Just wait a little bit more.

6) Is it possible to take Viagra after Cialis?
In fact, it is possible but we should recommend you to wait until Cialis action will over. These two pills have some differences and not the same active element, so if you want to get a perfect result, your body should be ready to such kind of experiment.

7) I afraid to start to take Cialis. What could you recommend to me?
We can recommend you to read rewires. All of them are based on the real experience and it means that there you can find real information. If you worry about dosages or something else, you are always welcome to the support service.