The Danger of Fake Enhancement Pills for Men and Ways to Reduce the Risks.

Why do Men Buy Enhancement Pills?

The Danger of Fake Enhancement Pills for Men and Ways to Reduce the Risks.

Sexual life is the sphere where every man wants to be the best of the best. It is not surprising, since the striving for outperforming the competitors is somewhere deep inside men’s nature. For this reason, a lot of men who are not great lovers or don’t have superb sexual abilities (starting from the size of penis and up to libido), are seeking for ways of boosting their performance in bed. No wonder that a great number of suppliers of pharmaceutical products try to make most of this phenomenon. However, different suppliers have absolutely different approaches. Well-known world brands make millions of dollars on the sale of expensive, premium-class products, while smaller retailers stake on low prices and large coverage. Unfortunately, the quality of low-budget remedies is often very low, and instead of getting the desired result, men get serious problems in the form of side effects and allergic reactions.

What is an Enhancement Pill?

The term “male enhancement” is popular nowadays, but few people really understand what it means. In fact, its meaning is rather ambiguous, and it is mainly used by the creators of aggressive online advertisement that offers magic “enhancement pills”, which, allegedly, boost sexual performance. Meanwhile, the terms “sexual performance” as well as “male enhancement” are mere euphemisms that can be used to describe the following things:

  • penis enlargement;
  • sex drive enhancing;
  • erection problems treatment;
  • improving stamina.

As well as some others things depending on what clients of online stores want to get. Moreover, some retailers offer “universal” pills that, as the supplier claims, improve all sides of sexual performance. Unfortunately, many of such pills when it comes to the test turn out to be fake or counterfeit. Some of them are useless, while others are simply harmful.

The Danger of Fake Pills

The Danger of Fake Enhancement Pills for Men and Ways to Reduce the Risks.Almost all “magic” enhancement pills are marketed as 100% natural. As the suppliers claim, they use unique combination of receipts of ancient traditional medicine (for example, Chinese) and the newest developments. However, lab analyses of the pills often show that they contain a chemical of PDE-5 inhibitors class. It is an analogue of sildenafil (Viagra), which hasn’t undergone due clinical trials, and the effectiveness of which is not proved. Meanwhile, it causes the same negative effects as Viagra, for example, it is not compatible with nitrates. If a man using nitrates take such a pill, he can simply die.

Other dangers associated with these pills include the following:

  • The content of the active ingredient can be higher or lower than required. These products are not controlled by FDA, and dishonest retailers often do not reveal the true formula.
  • They are often manufactured in unsanitary conditions without compliance to existing standards, and the ingredients do not undergo quality control.
  • They can contain useless ingredients (talc and sugar) or harmful (anything up to road paint).

To minimize the risk one must be very attentive and buy only high quality products from trusted retailers. Here are some tips for you to consider.

How to Reduce the Risks

The Danger of Fake Enhancement Pills for Men and Ways to Reduce the Risks.Beware that most fake and low-grade pills are sold via the Internet, because official offline pharmacies are supervised with the regulatory bodies. When buying online be cautious if:

  • the store offers prescription drugs (like Viagra) over the counter and claims that this is the original brand;
  • the price is too good to be true;
  • the retailer offers a magic pill, which, allegedly, treats all the diseases.

If you want to be absolutely confident in the high quality of pills, buy only products from famous brands in officially authorized online and offline pharmacies.